Badge and Book Art


It has been a great honour for me to be chosen as OutlantaCon's official artist three years in a row (year three art will be released after the convention in May). For each year I have tried to incorporate our guest of honour as the theme, as well as focusing on pride colours and imagery.

On-Set Photography and Title Screens

Angela Plays Ukulele

One of my favourite projects has been working with Angela Pritchett of Angela Playsukelele doing on-set photography and title screens for her music videos. Working with her and Jacob Parris of Type 40 Productions has been a wonderful experience! Being on set for these videos and working with a part of a creative teams has been instrumental in encouring me to start my own video series.

Book Illustration and Layout, Logo Design

Shelby and Me

As a former foster child, it is an honour to have been chosen by Donna Foster to help bring her vision to life. Shelby and Me is a book series created to help children in foster, adoptive, and kinship care work through their feelings and memories while bonding with caregivers. The stories follow the adventures of an adorable golden retriever, Shelby, as she transitions through life from birth family to adoption. At the end of each section, children are prompted to answer questions and fill in the corresponding pages in their own Lifebook.


Gallifrey Pirate Radio

In addition to my work as a tech, panelist, and photographer, one of my contributions to Gallifrey Pirate Radio was the convention certificates for trivia in 2015. The goal was to create something attractive and classy enough that someone might want to hang their award on the wall. I chose to work in silhouettes because of their instantly recongnizable nature, while still allowing me to create something different for the interior. Green, blue, and red were chosen as a nod to the colours of the sonic screwdrivers.