Whether it's simple black and white illustrations for a colouring book, or detailed full colour graphics for your board game pieces or a photo-realistic book cover, I'd be happy to help bring your project to life.

Design and Layout

Need a logo? Need a book layout? Need art for your convention badges or books? Need a t-shirt design? My graphic design background is at your disposal.


Have a book you need beta-read, proofread, or edited? Need your layout tweaked or your art critiqued? I'm here to help your work shine. Let's polish it to perfection together.


Creative Genius for HIre

Need help bringing your ideas to life? I'd be happy to help! I have over a decade of experience helping others realize their creative ideas.

Creating is my Passion

I've always been that sort of person with an eye for colour, design, and style. My natural creativity has been honed through training in both the commercial and fine arts. Let me put my expertise to work for you.


How can I help?

So you've decided my style is right for your project, but what next? Contact me for a quote and we will figure it out together!