The Magic of Friendship

Although My Little Pony has been around for thirty-three years, it is the most recent incarnation of My Little Pony that I find most iconic. Friendship is Magic has been translated into over thirty languages and has followers that span a wide range of ages, as well as genders. Expanding upon the concept created in the original cartoon, MLP:FiM is defined by its more iconic and archetypal characters. In the first episodes of the series, we discover that the main six each represent a specific quality (and are reminded of this each time we see the intro).

Traditional mythology often placed males at the center of the story, so much so that many dictionary definitions for the word hero specifically define it as a male concept. One of the reasons MLP:FiM is such a strong candidate for the emerging modern mythology is that it is a female-centric story. Although there are many male characters who serve important roles, it is the females of the series that are the focus and redefine heroism and archetypes through a female lens. Unlike many of the other female role models for young girls, these sheroes are not confined to stories of romance and happily ever after, but instead enjoy the adventure and freedom typically reserved for male heroes.

As befitting the new perspective of the emerging modern mythology, each of the characters breaks the previous confines of traditional archetypes and re-imagines these roles in a female world. In this way, each character is a beautiful mix of tradition and innovation, allowing a new culture to emerge which values compassion, friendship, and other heart-felt traits often associated with femininity.

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