The Spirit of Daylight - Limited Edition Print

The Spirit of Daylight - Limited Edition Print

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 The sun and its lifegiving light have long been personified by human cultures, many of them interpreting this energy as the divine feminine. In many ways, the sun can be seen as a mother of us all, and all of the life on our planet. Princess Celestia is the pony equivalent of the timeless Sun Goddess, gentle and serene. She is a form of the classic ruler archetype seen through the female lens. Like most rulers, Celestia rules with the force of her personality, though hers is a kind and gentle personality that rules through the force of love. As one of the newest personifications of this timeless archetype, she provides our emerging global culture with an example of how leadership can be achieved with kindness and compassion. She is loved by her citizens because she is such a good ruler, and as a result she has their complete trust. 

The Spirit of Daylight is constructed of multiple layers of personal photographs, textures, fractals, a hand-drawn body and details and individually painted strands of hair. 

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