The Spirit of Laughter - Limited Edition Print

The Spirit of Laughter - Limited Edition Print

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As the Jester or Clown archetype, Pinkie Pie is the Spirit of Laughter. Unburdened by the world, she is fun-loving and lives for the moment. Traditionally this archetype has been reserved for male characters, often the side-kick. Even when the character has occasionally been female, the Jester is usually the comic relief and never allowed to save the day. They are often unattractive and awkward, even sometimes friendless. Pinkie Pie's importance as a modern portrayal of this archetype is rooted in all of the ways in which she breaks the stereotypical mold.

As a female Jester, Pinkie Pie is quite unique. She is as attractive as the other ponies, and not particularly awkward. Far from being friendless, she is quite literally friends with everyone she meets and deliberately so. She is also allowed to be a Shero in her own right, saving the day on multiple occasions. 

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