The Spirit of Loyalty - Limited Edition Print

The Spirit of Loyalty - Limited Edition Print

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 As the Adventurer (or Explorer) Archetype, Rainbow Dash is the Spirit of Loyalty. She is a risk-taker, brave, adaptive, and driven to experience new things. Motivated by their sense of adventure, explorers will do anything to avoid boredom. Most are often also loners who prefer to travel alone and are scared of the conformity of social groups. Rainbow Dash is an important addition to this archetype because of her singular ability to play well with others. 

As the embodiment of loyalty, Rainbow Dash finds her true self not in being awesome for praise or adventure's sake, but in her loyalty to others. Her defense of Fluttershy leads to her cutie mark and her saving Rarity leads to a sonic rainboom. It is in the selflessness of her bravery that she both breaks the mold of her archetype and becomes an important representation for our emerging global mythology.


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