The Spirit of Magic - Twilight Sparkle

The Spirit of Magic - Limited Edition Print

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 Princess Twilight Sparkle represents the element of magic, but is also an excellent example of The Sage/Librarian archetype. She has a need to understand the world and make sense of it and values knowledge and learning above almost everything. Her representation of this archetype is an important depiction of the female nerd. Traditionally, this archetype as depicted in popular culture, has been awkward, bullied and friendless. Twilight depicts a new form of geek - the one who excels at friendship and its transformative magic. It is this deeper understanding of the energies that form her world and her friends that makes Twilight a princess. In this too, she is an important archetype - the princess who learns and earns her crown through knowledge and friendship. 

Twilight Sparkle is shown as her alicorn self, representative of transformation through learning and finding her true calling. She is shown flying blissfully, casting a spell. The definition for learning fills the background, and a magical diagram echoing sacred geometry shows the magic of friendship and the lessons learned from each of her friends. Twilight Sparkle is also shown as a Princess because her coronation is the result of learning and skill; she has earned the right to be a princess and it is a title that is conferred upon her as a reward. Unlike most princesses, Twilight Sparkle becomes a princess in her own right through bravery, dedication, and learning and is an icon of intelligence.

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