The Spirit of the Night - Limited Edition Print

The Spirit of the Night - Limited Edition Print

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The moon and its mysterious impact on life have long been personified by human cultures, many of them interpreting this energy as the divine feminine. Constantly changing, the moon appears at different times of day and places in the sky. It impacts human behaviour and even the tides. Many of our ancestors dictated their schedules by the phases of the moon; farming almanacs and gardening information will still list which plants to plant under which phase. The moon also has a long association with dreams. It is this idea of the moon that Princess Luna represents. 

As the archetype of the Orphan, Luna represents the very real need we all have to be loved and appreciated. She is also a powerful reminder that seeking external validation leads to suffering, and that each of us has the power to transform and transcend into our higher selves. 

The Spirit of Night is constructed of multiple layers of photographs, textures, fractals, a painted star-field, a hand-drawn body and details, and individually painted strands of hair. 

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