Time and Space

As the longest running Sci-Fi show on television, Doctor Who has created a mythology that spans 50 years and several generations. The Doctor is a Bodhisattva; a nearly immortal being with the powers to manipulate time who reincarnates immediately upon death and spends the majority of their lifetime saving the Universe, and particularly, Earth. Through the Doctor, we are all given the opportunity to become heroes ourselves; as the Doctor changes everyone they meet. And as we hope to become companions and try to live our lives accordingly, we are each inspired to become better versions of ourselves.

As the Doctor's vehicle, traveling companion, and best friend, the TARDIS is eternally recognizable no matter how much the Doctor changes. For this series I set out to capture my interpretation of the archetype of each Doctor (because one of the most beautiful things about the Doctor is that we have a hero who explores multiple archetypes and genders on their heroic journey). I chose to represent each version of the Doctor through the space time vortex instead of physical appearance or other superficial means. By removing the physical features of each Doctor and focusing instead on personality, energy, and archetype, I attempt to distill the universal human truth behind each face and present a symbol that allows each of us to imagine ourselves as that particular Doctor.

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