Asphaltia, Goddess of Roadways - Limited Edition Print

Asphaltia, Goddess of Roadways - Limited Edition Print

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Asphaltia is the Patroness of travelers and nomadic peoples everywhere. She is a protector of street children and college students, anyone who spends time connected to the roads. She is often prayed to for parking spaces and green lights, although her devotees swear that she often saves their lives and some even claim to have been gifted with an influence over the roads. She can protect you on journeys long and short, help you find alternate routes, guide you when lost, keep your car running until the next gas station, send roadside assistance, and even help you find a ride. She is known to protect her followers from any form of harm as long as they are within her realm. 

To show your thanks to her, offer a tithe. Spare change left on roadways and parking lots or in parking meters is a gift to Asphaltia. Tithing to itinerant travelers in need of assistance is an even better offering. Asphaltia also appreciates verbal thanks, especially when it spreads her word among the uninitiated. You may use your turn signals, let others into long traffic lines, show courtesy to other drivers, help a stranded motorist, aid a stranger in need, adopt a highway, return shopping carts, pick up trash, or other acts of service that benefit her. 

 *Model: Mariana Gallegos

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