Black Tara - Limited Edition Print

Black Tara - Limited Edition Print

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Tara was such a devout student that the monks told her she should pray for reincarnation as a man so that she might achieve Nirvana. She said that enlightenment was open to all beings and that only the weak-minded saw gender as a barrier. As a result, she vowed to reincarnate as a woman until there was no difference between men and women and suffering was no more. There are many Taras. Each one is associated with a specific attribute or ability. Black Tara is often associated with power and strength. She stands tall and proud in the Tibetan landscape, clothed in starlight (Tara means "star" in Sanskrit) and surrounded by a pillar of flame. Her right hand is in a mudra or gesture of blessing, her left is in a gesture bringing positive support and energy in times of change. She is surrounded by the sacred syllable Tam, which is the seed syllable for all of the Taras in Tibetan.

There are 21 Taras. Black Tara represents enlightened wrath and transformation by fire. There are at least three Black Taras invoked by Buddhists: The Terrifier, The Invincible, and The Conquerer of Opponents.

Black Tara is the result of over 40 different layers, including 3D models, fractals, textures, photographs, and illustrations.

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