Drawing Down the Light - Limited Edition Print

Drawing Down the Light - Limited Edition Print

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Originally inspired by a contest for The Witches of East End, this piece quickly became less about fan-fiction and more about my own personal ideas of witchcraft. She is dressed as a Greco-Roman priestess to pay homage to my first patronesses whose stories captivated me so much as a child. The ruins in the background symbolize trauma and damage in the past; shadow-work to be done. The wall is both the mental and emotional disassociation from those memories and the barrier of protection and distrust that keeps others out - it is slowly being removed by magic. The young witch reaches for the Milky Way and galaxies above her, drawing down the light of the cosmos and her higher divine self for strength. As her energy levels rise and she resonates higher and brighter, tendrils of bright energy reach out to transform her life and the world around her. 

Model Photography by the ever-amazing Marcus Ranum.


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