Fortuna Respiciens - Limited Edition Print

Fortuna Respiciens - Limited Edition Print

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Fortuna Respiciens ("Fortune who Provides" or "Provident Fortune") is one of the aspects of the Roman Goddess of Luck. She is the personification of divine assistance in times of need; she grants the ability to land on one's feet in a crisis. Fortuna Respiciens brings you exactly what you need just when you need it. She is the patroness of all who live in harmony with their true selves, the giver of bounty for all of those who live in harmony with the vortex of manifestation.

To court this face of Fortuna, practice being grateful for the blessings currently in your life. Keep a gratitude journal and practice making lists of all the wonderful things in your life. Give that which you most desire to someone else, knowing that Fortuna will bless you in return. Practice loving gratitude and truly appreciating everything in your life.

*Model Photography: Marcus Ranum
*Ship's Wheel: Mithgariel-Stock

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