I am wealthy

I am wealthy

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How much time do we spend in our lives focusing on and lamenting our lack instead of celebrating our abundance? Did you wake up this morning? Life is the most precious thing we will ever receive. Let's be grateful for it. Did you eat today? Do you have food? Clean water? Do you have a tool that allows you to access a majority of the world's knowledge anytime, anywhere?

I've picked through trash for toys, worn whatever could be bought cheaply at a yard sale, and eaten maggots for dinner because that's what we had. I've been beaten, belted, and screamed at by people who were supposed to love me. I've stuck pine branches in a potato for a Christmas tree and slept in the living room around a wood stove, had dysentery from raw sewage leaking into our well water, been homeless, jobless, penniless, and family-less. And I've been guilty of forgetting where I came from, of taking the abundance of my life for granted.

I have an action figure I've always wanted, one I bought for myself with extra money. I have clothing I bought brand new for myself that fits me and I love it. I have a fridge and a pantry full of food to eat. I have a family who loves me unconditionally, supports my goals and dreams, and practices communication. I have a giant holiday tree covered in lights and ornaments, a house with HVAC heat AND a fireplace, and fresh, filtered water to drink any time I want it. I have a place to live with a room of my own, multiple clients and income streams, and more family than I can count. I've reconnected with some of my birth family (the non-toxic ones), and found so many cousins that I couldn't fit them all in my house! I have fantastic friends, an art career, a college degree, and tools to create art with. I am wealthy. I just didn't realize it before. 

May this piece remind you of all the abundance with which you are already blessed, may it tune you into how wealthy you truly are, may it help you tap into limitless abundance. Say it with me, love: I AM WEALTHY! 

Mixed Media piece created using WOMBO Dream, stock, and fractals.

(Finished prints do not contain watermarks. Watermarks are for display purposes only.)

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