Keeper of the Old Ways - Limited Edition Print

Keeper of the Old Ways - Limited Edition Print

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They have outlawed magic, hunted those who know the ancient ways and ended their lives. But they cannot hunt what they cannot see. The voices of her ancestors call to her, singing to her the memories of the old ways. Dangerous though it may be, the magic is in her blood. When no-one is looking, she runs away to the woods, where she practices under the watchful eyes of her Ancestress. Together they play games, exploring her will. And little by little, her magic grows. For now, it is small, just as she is. But one day, it will be one of the greatest powers in the world.

Women are like water. We can flow or crash, heal or harm. We can wear through even the strongest of stone.

Stock Credits:
Ghost Photographer: Marcus Ranum
Child Photographer: SBG-CrewStock

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