Phoenix - Limited Edition Print

Phoenix - Limited Edition Print

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Some people burn in the fire, others dance in it. A phoenix cannot be burned by flames, only reborn from them. Where others would scream and cry, she dances. The flames do not consume her, only that which she no longer has need of, burning away the things which limit and constrain her. She has been burning away her entire life, reborn in the flames of the sacred fires: better, stronger, happier. So when the flames find her, she no longer cries and weeps for the world which is passing, but sings a song of release and dances to the rhythm of rebirth. 

This piece is very personal for me as I have always identified with Phoenix. My birth name means reborn, I was born in the year of the Phoenix, and I am always undergoing radical self transformation, often in the flames of dramatic and traumatic change. I hope that all those who have survived challenges and grown stronger as a result can find commonality in this image and feel the strength of the myth. I dedicate this image to all those who have found themselves reborn in flame. To all my fellow survivors and thrivers — this one is for you, with all my heart. 

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dance costume parts - Marcus Ranum

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