Release, Renew - Limited Edition Print

Release, Renew - Limited Edition Print

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All of us inherited ideas and beliefs from our parents; ideas about who we are and how the world works. Unfortunately, those ideas don't always serve our highest good. Life has a funny way of bringing you to a crisis and stripping your illusions from you. After all, life is a journey of self-discovery and self-creation. Your past crises and traumas can be the bars of the self-imposed cage which surrounds you, or they can be the fuel for the fire that propels you forward on your healing path.

What if you could reset your personal IP address with all that is? What if you could restart your connection with the universal network and establish communication? What would it look like if you did?

Release, Renew is the depiction of one such moment in my personal journey; a crisis of self which spawned a renewed understanding of self and purpose. Lost in the fog of the past lie clues to the trauma of my birth family and their collective nightmares. Behind me, another family lies in ruins. Remnants of a mistaken self and false ideas litter the road, no longer necessary on my journey. Rooted firmly in the present, I meditate upon the truths of my heart and listen to my guides as they bring wisdom for the road that lies ahead. In the distance, Shambala and the ancestors await.

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