The Scientist - Limited Edition Print

The Scientist - Limited Edition Print

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The Third Doctor's pursuit of knowledge and truth marks him as that special type of Sage or Intellectual known as the Scientist. Scientists use their intelligence and analytical thinking to understand the universe and become custodians of wisdom. He is driven by curiosity to investigate the world around him, explore new ideas and create clever inventions. Like most Scientists, He is known for his methodical nature as he researches, measures, and tests. 

As a Scientist, the Third Doctor is driven by his curiosity and desire to repair the TARDIS and leave Earth. As he contemplates the challenge, scientific formulas and equations from physics, magnetism, and other related disciplines form his space-time vortex. As is fitting for a Time Lord, some of the problems are in English and others in Classical Gallifreyan. (special thanks to Elise Weaver and Edwin Pope for their scientific expertise and consultation).

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