Welcome Home - Limited Edition Print

Welcome Home - Limited Edition Print

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Since I was a child, whenever I find a tree with holes in it, I imagine they are doorways into little tree houses inhabited by the fae. When I saw this tree ten years ago, I knew it was a multi-family dwelling for a variety of fae creatures and I had to create art with it. At the time, however, I didn't know how to create my vision, so I abandonded it.

I was going through my harddrive when I stumbled upon this unfinished piece and decided I wanted to finish it. And I love the results. I am beyond happy that I came back to finish this. If you aren't at the level to finish a project, it's ok to set it aside. Keep growing, and come back to it later. And when you feel lost for creative direction, go back into the unfinished pile and see what's ready to be picked back up again. You never know what magic you will make.


Stock Credits:
faerie - artmaniabychristine 
vine - moonglowlilly 
violets - brokenwing3dstock
flowers - vladlena111
lights - oldhippieart
mushroom - steppelandstock
hyacinth - oldhippieart
crocus - vladlena111
flower - jean52
pink hyacinth - frozenstocks
purple hyacinth - frozenstocks
lavender - brokenwing3dst
roses - oldhippieart
rocks - 
firefly brushes - ashleyrwatts


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