My work often focuses on expressing the universal human potential for transcendence and evolution; our capacity to grow beyond the myriad difficulties of our lives and become our highest selves. The bodhisattva series is an attempt to translate and distil this truth from Vajrayāna Buddhism into a form more accessible to the western mind...

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Doctor Who

As the longest running Sci-Fi show on television, Doctor Who has created a mythology that spans 50 years and several generations. The Doctor himself is a Bodhisattva; a nearly immortal being with the powers to manipulate time who reincarnates immediately upon death and spends the majority of his lifetime saving the Universe, and particularly, Earth...

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My Little Pony

Although My Little Pony has been around for thirty-three years, it is the most recent incarnation of My Little Pony that I find most iconic. Friendship is Magic has been translated into over thirty languages and has followers that span a wide range of ages, as well as genders...

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Why This Art?

People need heroes and myth to inspire us to be our better selves. My work focuses on expressing the universal human potential for heroism; our ability to grow beyong the difficulties of our lives and in doing so heal ourselves and the world. As a reflection upon the new mythology's interconectedness with globalization and modernity, I have chosen to create them in a purely digital format. Ancient gods were made from stone. Post-modern gods are made from bits and bytes.

Drawing upon my seventeen years of Photoshop experience and my love of mixed media, my style is a uniquely post-modern fusion of photography, fractals, three-dimensional models, textures, drawing, painting, and other tools. My hyper-saturated vibrant aesthetic is a result of my own experiences with myth and spirit. Combining my love of pop culture with my passion for spirituality and mythology, I attempt to translate these icons as I see them. Traditional religious iconography and symbolism coexist with modern media representations of timeless human archetypes.

It is my hope to connect with the inner truth of each icon in such a way that the viewer connects with them too. Each joyful smile of appreciation from someone who feels I portrayed their favourite icon in the perfect way makes it worth it.

Summoning the Fire Body

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